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CHS - CCS Fellowships 2020, Terms and Conditions

Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington DC (“CHS US”) with the support of Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece (“CHS Greece”) grants research fellowships to junior faculty members (Adjunct Lecturers, Lecturers or Assistant Professors), and Scientific and Laboratory Teaching Staff who hold a PhD ("ΕΔΙΠ" and "ΕΕΠ") of Greek Universities (Schools of Humanities and Social Sciences) to join the CHS community as CHS Fellows in Comparative Cultural Studies in Greece ("CHS-CCS Fellows").

The following describes the terms and conditions, benefits and expectations, of your fellowship. Τhis is a fellowship organized and offered by CHS US with administrative and logistical support from CHS Greece. As you are already informed, since the Harvard Summer School Program 2020 was suspended, CHS, aiming to continue supporting researchers from Greek Universities for this year, provides this fellowship appointment in a new template for 2020 and on terms differentiated from the ones initially announced.

  1. Fellowship parameters. The duration of your fellowship will be 12 months, during which time you will be a CHS Fellow in Comparative Cultural Studies in Greece: from September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021. The signing of this document and the granting of the fellowship do not establish or imply any employment relationship or project lease between the parties of any kind, and do not require or imply any changes related to your current employment status and your work program.

    Under some circumstances, you may hold a fellowship appointment at another institution concurrently with your CHS Fellowship. You are permitted to accept a fellowship appointment outside of the CHS Fellowship. You are asked to notify CHS about other fellowship appointments at least one month in advance (before the official starting date of the new fellowship). Additionally, you may only hold one CHS fellowship appointment at a time.

    The CHS offers this fellowship in the expectation that fellows will pursue their project as described in their application. Beyond that, you may be asked to participate, if you are interested, in other programs and events organized by the CHS.

  2. Fellowship’s components.CHS will offer you a year-long appointment as Fellow in Comparative Cultural Studies in Greece. This includes a year-long access to all Harvard electronic resources, including the Scan and Deliver program. You will receive an ID, username and password to have access to all digital libraries, available through the Harvard University library system.

    During the term of your fellowship (and after its completion), you are welcome to visit CHS Greece in Nafplio and use the Center’s Digital Library and facilities (e.g. study rooms) for your research. Also, in collaboration with you, the CHS may organize events, lectures or workshops to provide you the opportunity to share your work-in-progress.

    Moreover, CHS will invite you to present your proposed topic to the CHS research community through an online platform at some point between January-May 2021. The date of your presentation will be determined in the fall in accordance with your availability. Prior to your presentation, CHS will make sure to provide you with all necessary information about the group of attendants.

    In addition to your presentation, and during your fellowship, CHS may invite you to promote and publish your research and work via the online journals, blogs, and other media platforms that the CHS maintains. The scope of this will be to share your research and work with the CHS online community

  3. Honorarium and expenses. CHS will offer you an honorarium for your presentation in the amount of 400 Euros transferable to your Greek bank account in a single installment close to the date of your presentation between January-May 2021. The CHS Greece Administrative and Accounting Manager will contact you to discuss the information we need and the next steps for completing this procedure.

    Apart from the approved fellowship, and all relevant arrangements, mentioned in this document and/or communicated by the Program Managers, CHS does not offer separate grants for travel expenses, participation in conferences, purchase of books and electronic equipment, accommodations, family related expenses, dining and entertainment expenses, etc.

    Any related administrative expenses that may occur are subject to CHS prior consent, and will be arranged, if approved, by the CHS in Greece.

  4. Library access, technology.As a CHS Fellow, you will receive a Harvard Key and ID, which provide access to Harvard University Library’s electronic resources and to the Library’s Scan and Deliver request program. You may access these resources for the duration of your fellowship appointment.

  5. Health Insurance.You are required to have health insurance for the duration of your fellowship. CHS does not provide health insurance nor cover medical expenses of any kind.

  6. Acknowledgement of Support.You are also welcome to mention your status as a CHS Fellow in Comparative Cultural Studies in Greece both in your curriculum vitae and your publications. During the term of your fellowship, CHS will announce your appointment as a fellow on its websites and social media sites.

    You are also encouraged to be an active member of the CHS scholarly community, and keep the Center posted regarding your academic career for a period of at least three years after the completion of this fellowship.

  7. Non-compliance Policy. Should you fail to complete the terms and conditions of this document, especially those referred to in paragraph 2 “Fellowship’s components”, your fellowship will be considered incomplete, affecting future references and recommendations by the CHS.

Please keep CHS informed of changes regarding the address of your permanent residence, your mobile phone number, or bank account.

The Center asks you to complete the following steps by July 30, 2020 to confirm your acceptance of the fellowship. If you fail to meet this deadline, the CHS reserves the right to rescind your fellowship.

We look forward to your joining our community. Please direct any questions or comments concerning the relevant communications to the CHS Greece Programs and Events Manager, Evangelos Katsarelis ( and the CHS US Fellowship Program Manager, Lanah Koelle (

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