CHS – AUTH Terms & Conditions Form

Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies Fellowships in collaboration with Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, School of Philology, Department of Classics

CHS-AUTH Terms & Conditions

The Center for Hellenic Studies Washington DC (“CHS DC”) and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (“AUTH”), Faculty of Philosophy, School of Philology, Department of Classics grant fellowships for postdoctoral research to researchers who have successfully completed their PhD studies, meet all the program requirements, and possess all the necessary qualifications to continue with postdoctoral research projects as CHS-AUTH Fellows in Hellenic Studies.

The following describes the terms and conditions, benefits and expectations, of your CHS-AUTH Research Fellowship in Hellenic Studies. In keeping with the CHS DC Directors Committee, the CHS Greece Managing Committee, and the AUTH Senate, this is a fellowship organized and offered by CHS and AUTH with administrative and logistical support from the Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece (“CHS Greece”) & CHS DC, and AUTH. You are encouraged to conduct your research in Greece or any other location you may consider appropriate for the purposes of your project.

1. Fellowship parameters. Your application was approved by the CHS–AUTH Selection and Academic Advisory Committee. The duration of your fellowship will be 12 months, during which time you will complete a semester-long research project. You will be a CHS–AUTH Fellow in Hellenic Studies from June 1, 2019 to May 31, 2020. For the duration of your fellowship, CHS and AUTH offer you the opportunity to engage in postdoctoral research of your own choice, as described in your proposal. The signing of this document and the granting of the fellowship do not imply or establish any employment relationship or project lease between the parties of any kind, and do not require or imply any changes related to your current employment status and your work program.

Under some circumstances, the selected Fellows are permitted to hold one other fellowship concurrently with their CHS-AUTH appointment. They are expected to inform the CHS-AUTH Selection and Academic Advisory Committee about the other fellowship as soon as possible in order to discuss potential implications with respect to the CHS-AUTH fellowship. Additionally, they may only hold one CHS fellowship appointment at a time (for instance, a CHS-AUTH appointment cannot be held simultaneously with a CHS residential fellowship in Washington). The appointed CHS-AUTH Fellow is responsible for notifying the Committee of any change in status as regards such other fellowships.

The CHS and AUTH offer this fellowship in the expectation that fellows will pursue their scholarly work as described in their application/proposal. Beyond that, you are expected to produce one article/paper for First Drafts@Classics@; to submit one report for the CHS Research Bulletin; and to participate in events organized by the CHS in DC and Greece, and by AUTH, as described in this document. In case of absence, you are expected to give prior written notification to the coordinators of the program.

2. Expenses and related procedures. Apart from the approved fellowship, and all relevant arrangements included in this document, CHS and AUTH do not offer separate grants for other travel expenses, participation in conferences, purchase of books, accommodations, family related expenses, dining and entertainment expenses, etc., nor do CHS and AUTH pay per diems.

Any related administrative expenses that may occur are subject to CHS – AUTH prior consent, and will be arranged, if approved, by both institutions.

3. Progress of the research project and other CHS and AUTH related academic activities. For the selection and academic supervision of the fellows, CHS and AUTH agreed to form a seven-member Selection and Academic Advisory Committee consisting of four (4) faculty members nominated by the CHS and three (3) faculty members nominated by AUTH, School of Philology, Department of Classics. The 4 committee members of the CHS, as appointed by the Center’s boards and approved by its Director, are: 1. Richard Martin, Stanford University, 2. Ioannis Petropoulos, Democritus University of Thrace, 3. Anastasia-Erasmia Peponi, Stanford University, and 4. Lucia Athanasaki, University of Crete. The 3 committee members of the AUTH, School of Philology, Department of Classics, as proposed by its Head and approved by the Rector of the University, are: 1. Antonios Rengakos, 2. Evina Sistakou, and 3. Christos Tsagalis.

Members of the Committee will be available to discuss with you about your research project. You are encouraged to contact them anytime during the term of your fellowship for advice and to discuss the results of your ongoing research project. You will work closely with members of the Selection and Advisory Committee of the two institutions to produce an article/paper that will be sent to First Drafts@Classics@. Additionally, at the end of your appointment, you are invited to develop and submit a report for publication on the CHS Research Bulletin. The length of the report will be determined by the Selection and Academic Advisory Committee.

As a member of the broader CHS scholarly community, you are invited-- and expected-- to visit CHS DC for a week to present your research and share your findings with other CHS fellows, and collaborate with the members of the CHS academic community. This trip will be arranged in cooperation with the Academic and Selection Committee as well as the CHS Coordinators, and paid for by the CHS. Should your participation be prevented for serious reasons, you must notify the Coordinators well in advance (for practical issues of your trip and residence see below).

In addition, CHS will invite you to attend the annual CHS-International Olympic Academy (“IOA”) Scholars Symposium in Ancient Olympia in July 10-14, 2019 to establish and cultivate professional ties with scholars and other members of the CHS Community as well as symposium participants.

During the term of your fellowship, you are invited to visit CHS in Nafplio and use the CHS Greece Digital Library and facilities (e.g. study rooms) for your research. Also, in communication with the Selection and Academic Advisory Committee you may organize a workshop, which will offer you the opportunity to share your work-in-progress with researchers and/or educators from the local community in Nafplio.

AUTH, in communication with the Selection and Academic Advisory Committee, will organize events, lectures, seminars or workshops during the term of your fellowship, and will invite you to present your research to students (graduate and undergraduate) of the Department, and share your experience, progress, and methodology at a post-doctorate level.

4. Accommodations and travel expenses. CHS will cover the airfare and CHS Coordinators will book your flights for your 10 day trip to the United States of America. For the duration of your stay the CHS DC will provide the Fellows with a fully equipped studio apartment on its campus. Please respect the regulations of the Center’s facilities (regarding cleaning, smoking, etc.); the colleagues in Washington, DC will notify you about these policies before your departure from Greece.

For the duration of your visit to the CHS in Nafplio (up to 3 nights), the Center will arrange a hotel room for you.

Your transportation and accommodation for the IOA-CHS symposium will be arranged and covered by the CHS and the IOA.

The CHS and AUTH do not insure personal belongings and will not be liable for any theft of or damage to your property during the aforementioned visits or any other visits related to your fellowship.

5. Library access, workspaces and technology and e-mail address. As a CHS–AUTH Fellow in Hellenic Studies, you will receive a Harvard University ID (HUID) and HarvardKey, which provide access to Harvard University Library’s electronic resources and to the Library’s Scan and Deliver request program. AUTH will provide you full access to AUTH Library system. You may access these resources for the duration of your fellowship appointment (12 months).

As a CHS DC campus resident, you will receive 24-hour access to the CHS DC library, and will be able to use library and other study rooms for your research. Library books circulate only within the main building and may not be taken to your residence. You will also have access to a scanner, photocopiers, and telephones.

The CHS and AUTH assume that you will bring your own computer to their facilities in the US and Greece.

You will receive a CHS e-mail address, and all communications from the Center will be sent to this email address. You should monitor your CHS e-mail address regularly for the entire duration of your fellowship appointment.

6. Health insurance. You are required to have health insurance for the duration of your fellowship. CHS and AUTH do not provide health insurance nor cover medical expenses of any kind.

7. Acknowledgement of support, outreach, and future cooperation. Publications resulting from your work with the CHS and AUTH, and public appearances/lectures related to your fellowship should mention the support of CHS and AUTH. Additionally, you should provide a copy of any publications resulting from your fellowship to the institutions’ libraries.

You are also welcome to mention your status as a CHS - AUTH Fellow in Hellenic Studies both in your curriculum vitae and your publications.

You are also encouraged to be an active member of CHS and AUTH scholarly community, and to keep both institutions posted regarding your academic career for a period of at least three years after the completion of this fellowship.

During the term of your fellowship, CHS and AUTH will announce your appointment as a fellow along with the title of your research project on their websites and social media sites. CHS will also invite you to give an interview about your project that will be video-recorded and uploaded on the Center’s Kleos blog.

After the conclusion of this fellowship, CHS and AUTH may invite you, if you are interested, to support future iterations of this jointly-organized fellowship program in the hope of generating a vibrant community of fellows. CHS and AUTH may also notify you of opportunities to participate in projects at either institution.

8. Non-compliance policy. Should you fail to meet the terms and conditions of this document, especially those referred to in paragraph 3, “Progress of the Research Project and other CHS and AUTH related academic activities”, your postdoctoral fellowship will be considered incomplete, affecting future references and recommendations by the CHS and AUTH.

If you find that the nature and substance of the research require an extension, you can address a letter to the Academic Committee, through the Coordinators, who will discuss the relevant request with the competent committees of the institutions. In any case, this extension cannot exceed a period of three months after the scheduled completion date of the fellowship.

Please keep CHS informed of changes of address of your permanent residence or your mobile phone number.

CHS and AUTH ask you to complete the following steps by May 1, 2019 to confirm your acceptance of the fellowship. If you fail to meet this deadline, the CHS and AUTH reserve the right to rescind your fellowship.

We look forward to your joining our communities. Please direct any questions or comments concerning the relevant communications to the CHS GR Programs and Events Manager, Evangelos Katsarelis ( and the CHS DC Fellowship Program Manager, Lanah Koelle (

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