Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece Proposal Form

This form will initiate a dialogue about a new initiative involving the CHS in Greece. We recognize that your plans may not be fully developed, but we request that you be as thorough as possible in order to provide us with an accurate perspective of what you hope to accomplish. Submitting this form does not guarantee acceptance or approval of your proposal. The Center will review it with the goal of determining the feasibility of the project. Of primary importance for the Center will be whether the role of the CHS GR in the project is (1) consistent with the overall mission of the institution, (2) compatible with the other ongoing and upcoming commitments, and (3) sustainable given the Center’s available resources. A representative from the CHS GR will respond to your proposal within 20 business days. Please note that the proposal must be submitted one month prior to the projected starting date of the project. For more information about facilities at the CHS GR, please click here.

CHS GR Proposal Form

A) Organization and contact information:

Please include full name and affiliation with the organization submitting the proposal.

B) Project description:

e.g. conference, workshop, educational program, seminar, etc.
No more than 500 words.
e.g. students, faculty, researchers, general public – please include projected number of participants/attendants.
Include institutional affiliation and e-mail addresses.
e.g. the organization will provide IT, Administrative and/or other Coordinators to support the project.
e.g. Lecture Hall or Fellows/Seminar Room or Digital Library of the CHS GR, or any other location apart from the Center's premises.
Please note that the CHS GR is open Monday and Wednesday, 10am-8pm, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 10am-5pm.
Please note if there will be a registration fee for the participants and people who want to attend this project.

C) Proposed collaboration and role of the CHS:

e.g. host, co-organizer, supporting institution, financial support – please specify.
e.g. microphones, video-projector, laptop, wi-fi, outreach tools, coffee breaks, support for accommodation and/or transportation needs, other form of administrative, IT, or financial support – please specify.
On the same or other project, please specify.

D) Other notes: