Early Career Fellowship in Hellenic Studies – Terms and Conditions

Early Career Fellowship in Hellenic Studies Terms & Conditions

The Center for Hellenic Studies (CHS) grants fellowships for postdoctoral research in Greece and in Cyprus to researchers who have successfully completed their PhD studies and possess all the necessary qualifications to continue with postdoctoral research projects as CHS Fellows in Hellenic Studies.

The following describes the terms and conditions, benefits and expectations, of your CHS research fellowship. This is a fellowship for postdoctoral research offered in Greece and Cyprus by the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington DC (CHS DC), and supported administratively and logistically by the CHS in Greece. You are not expected to stay at the CHS DC campus in the US for more than 10 days, and you are encouraged to conduct your research in Greece or Cyprus.

1. Fellowship Parameters. Your application was approved by the CHS DC Senior Fellows and presented in the CHS Greece Managing Committee. You will be a fellow of the CHS DC during the 2020-21 academic year: from June 1, 2020 to May 31, 2021. For the duration of your fellowship, the CHS offers you the opportunity to engage in postdoctoral research of your own choice, as described in your proposal. The execution of this document and the granting of the fellowship do not imply or establish any employment relationship or project lease between the parties of any kind, and do not require or imply any changes related to your current employment status and your work program.

The CHS offers its support in the expectation that fellows will pursue their scholarly work as described in their application/proposal. Beyond that, you are expected to participate in events organized by the CHS in DC and Greece, as described in this document. In case of absence, you are expected to give prior, written notification to CHS DC and Greece managers and/or coordinators.

2. Amount of Scholarship and Related Procedures. CHS DC, through CHS Greece, will offer you a fellowship award in the amount of $9,000 USD (minus related taxes), transferable to your Greek bank account in a single installment during the first month of your fellowship term. As soon as you begin the fellowship appointment, the CHS Managers will contact you to discuss the procedure for completing the transfer.

We strongly recommend that you consult with an accountant and/or other experts on how this fellowship award influences and can be included in your tax profile, before signing this document. We also recommend that you discuss this potential fellowship appointment with your office supervisor/director/employer and ask for approval in advance. CHS DC and Greece have no responsibilities related to your tax statement, job status and relations, and other professional, logistical, and academic matters.

Apart from the approved fellowship, and all relevant arrangements included in this document, the CHS does not offer separate grants for travel expenses, participation in conferences, purchase of books and electronic equipment, accommodations, family related expenses, dining and entertainment expenses, etc., nor does the CHS pay per diems.

3. Progress of the Research Project and Academic Activities. Fellows are expected to document the evolution of their projects and share their work in progress by participating in the following activities:

Research Meeting. In September 2020, you will have the opportunity to discuss your research via videoconference with Gregory Nagy, Director of the CHS; Richard Martin, Chair of the Senior Fellows; and an additional senior fellow of your choice.

Kleos Profile. During your fellowship, you are expected to submit a 500-1000 word blog post introducing yourself and your research to the CHS community. The blog post will appear on Kleos, the CHS news bulletin.

Informal Presentation in Nafplio. During the term of your fellowship, you are invited to visit CHS Greece in Nafplio for 5 days and to use the CHS Greece Digital Library and facilities (e.g. study rooms) for your research. Also, in coordination with the CHS Greece Programs and Events Manager, you may organize a workshop (1-2 hours), which will offer you the opportunity to share your work-in-progress with researchers from the Greek community.

Informal Presentation in Washington, DC. During the term of your fellowship, you are invited to visit CHS DC in Washington, DC for 10 days and use the CHS Library and its facilities. You are also expected to give an informal 30-minute presentation to the research community in DC. Live streaming and/or recording the presentation is optional.

Research Report. You are expected to submit a fellowship report by Monday, May 31, 2021. The report, which the CHS will copy-edit and publish online in the CHS Research Bulletin (ISSN 2329-0137), should be 1500-2000 words and include an abstract, findings, and a select bibliography. You are granting non-exclusive rights to the CHS to publish and distribute your work in an open access journal. You will retain the rights to your work and will be able to develop it or publish it elsewhere without restriction.

4. Accommodations and Travel Expenses. CHS will cover the airfare for your 10-day trip to the United States of America, and CHS Greece Managers will book your flight. For the duration of your stay, CHS DC will provide you with a fully equipped studio apartment on its campus.

For the duration of your visit to the CHS Greece headquarters in Nafplio (up to 5 days), CHS Greece will arrange a hotel room for you.

The CHS DC and Greece do not insure personal belongings and will not be liable for any theft of or damage to your property during the aforementioned visits or any other visits related to your fellowship.

5. Library Access, Workspaces, Technology, and CHS Email Address. As a CHS Fellow in Hellenic Studies, you will receive a HarvardKey, which provides access to Harvard University Library’s electronic resources and to the Library’s Scan and Deliver request program. You may access these resources for the duration of your fellowship appointment.

On the CHS DC campus, you will receive 24-hour access to the CHS DC library and will be able to use library and other study rooms for your research.

You will receive a CHS email address, and all communications from the CHS will be sent to this email address. You should monitor your CHS e-mail address regularly for the duration of your fellowship appointment.

6. Health Insurance. You are required to have health insurance for the duration of your fellowship. CHS DC and Greece do not provide health insurance or cover medical expenses of any kind.

7. Acknowledgement of Support. Publications resulting from your CHS fellowship should mention the support of CHS DC and Greece, and you should provide a printed copy of these publications to the CHS DC library and electronic copies to both the CHS DC and CHS Greece electronic libraries.

You are welcome to mention your status as a CHS Fellow in Hellenic Studies both in your curriculum vitae and publications.

You are also encouraged to be an active member of the CHS scholarly community, and to keep the CHS posted regarding your academic career for a period of at least three years after the completion of this fellowship.

8. Non-compliance Policy. Should you fail to complete the terms and conditions of this document, your postdoctoral fellowship will be considered incomplete, affecting future references and recommendations by the CHS.

Moreover, if you temporarily or permanently stop or do not complete the research for which you are granted the fellowship, you are obliged to return part or the total amount of the financial award, as deemed by the Director of the CHS and the Chair of the Senior Fellows, and the CHS Greece Managing Committee, unless the temporary or permanent discontinuation, or the failure to complete your research, is due to health reasons or another important reason that the aforementioned bodies deem justified.

Please keep CHS informed of changes to your address or your mobile phone number.

The CHS asks you to submit all necessary forms by March 31, 2020 to confirm your acceptance of the fellowship. If you fail to meet this deadline, the CHS reserves the right to rescind your fellowship.

We look forward to your joining our communities. Please direct any questions or comments concerning the relevant communications to the CHS GR Programs and Events Manager, Evangelos Katsarelis (ekatsarelis@chs.harvard.edu) and the CHS US Fellowship Program Manager, Lanah Koelle (fellowships@chs.harvard.edu).

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