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Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece, Harvard University

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HSSP OCS Instructor Consent Form

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I consent to participate in the High School Summer Program of the Center for Hellenic Studies, Harvard University (hereinafter referred to as the “Program”) and be present in the Iatrou building in Nafplio, where the Center is housed and the Program takes place, from July 11 to 26, 2019.

Transportation/travel and accommodation

I acknowledge that the Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece, Harvard University (hereinafter referred to as “CHS GR”) has no responsibility for my transportation/travel to and from the location of the Program (Nafplio – Greece), and I take full responsibility for any risks involved with this transportation/travel.

I also take full responsibility for any other independent travel I will plan before, during, or after the closing of the Program. I understand that CHS GR does not encourage, and may limit or restrict my independent travel during the Program, and I agree that, if I wish to travel independently, I must submit an itinerary to the Program leaders and coordinators for advance approval.

I acknowledge that CHS GR, except for special cases that may be decided and communicated by the Center, does not bear any responsibility and/or obligation for my living arrangements at the Program location, and I take full responsibility for the accommodation arrangements. I also understand that CHS GR has no responsibility for my travel both to and from the Iatrou building on the days of the Program, as well as for any possible travel during the Program’s daily breaks. In the context of the day-to-day program of seminars, discussions, etc., I agree to take lunch breaks outside the Center, and I declare that during the time that I am outside of the CHS GR facilities, CHS GR bears no responsibility for any of my activities.

I understand that, although the organizers have planned the Program in the best possible way, they cannot eliminate all the risks related to my travel/transportation, accommodation, safety of my personal belongings, etc. I understand that my voluntary participation in the Program may involve risks different than the ones found within the country of my residence. These include, but are not limited to, risks involved in traveling to, from and within international destinations; foreign political, legal, medical, social, and economic conditions; different standards of design, safety, and maintenance of buildings, public places, and conveyances; different local weather conditions, eating habits, etc. Although Greece overall, exercises normal safety precautions, I understand that this country has its own health and safety standards that may vary from those in the country of my residence and I declare that I have read and understood all these differences taking full responsibility for any related problems that may occur. I have also reviewed all relevant information provided by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Health of the country of my residence, as well as health advisory information available from the World Health Organization related to Greece and travel abroad.

Cost and standards of participation

I acknowledge that I am responsible for all travel, accommodation, meal, and incidental costs related to my participation in the Program, beyond those that may be covered by CHS GR, as well as any additional personal expenses that may incur during the Program.

I declare that I will fully conduct myself in a manner compatible with local laws and regulations; with CHS regulations for visitors; with policies for participant conduct set forth in this document, in any Program-related materials and as communicated by the Program leader and coordinators. I will refrain from improper or offensive conduct, or otherwise inappropriate behaviors. I understand that if at any time during the Program I fail to honor this agreement, then organizers may, in their sole discretion, immediately dismiss me from the Program.

I understand that I am fully responsible for making sure that I have a valid and current health/medical insurance and carry a valid insurance identity card with me during the Program. I have reviewed my coverage and have determined that my health/medical insurance is adequate to cover injuries or illnesses, etc., that I may sustain while traveling abroad. I will be solely responsible for payment in full of all costs of medical care I may receive during the Program. I further agree that CHS GR has no responsibility whatsoever for any health/medical issues that may occur during the program, as well as any actions taken by the organizers to provide necessary emergency medical care to me, and I authorize CHS GR to contact with the person I indicate during any emergency situation.

Publicity and media release

I understand that CHS GR has the right to photograph, video/audio-record, and interview me during the Program, and to use, according to its judgement, whole or parts of my oral and written word; my performance, image, name, face, voice, and other characteristics (my overall presence during the Program), for the evaluation, improvement, and/or promotion of the Program and CHS GR in general.

I agree to transfer to CHS GR all rights for using these photographs, recordings (video, audio, etc.) and I also consent that CHS GR has all rights to use my written answers to questions posed during the Program. I understand that my name, language, presence, voice, and image can be publicized through the CHS GR website and/or though websites of other collaborative institutions (online or though other media platforms) for further improvement and promotion of the Program.

I consent to the possibility of CHS GR recording my performance and to use and re-use, according to its judgement, whole or parts of this recording for promoting its programs, and to authorize other parties to do the same.

Furthermore, I recognize that the Center bears no responsibility for the re-publication in any possible way of the above-mentioned recordings or any part of it that may be illegally made by any third party, by downloading them from the internet. I also recognize that although the image or video material is intended for digital and/or printed use by CHS GR, there is no guarantee by CHS GR and no claim on my side that there will be total or partial appearance of that material in electronic or printed means of CHS GR.

I understand that CHS can adjust, change, edit, add, delete, combine with other material, the recordings, reproduction, and distribution of the material, or else to use my performance in the Program with any means/tools/media known today or in the future.

I agree that CHS GR will be the exclusive owner of the intellectual property and all other rights of images, video and/or audio recordings, as well as every other media, in which I appear. I consent that I will not be entitled to any use or compensation, now or in the future, in connection with these rights.

The rights provided above are indefinite and irrevocable and I understand that the CHS GR will act in accordance with this form. I declare that I have no claim or requirements from CHS GR resulting from or in connection with the above. This participant consent form is governed by Greek law and is subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Athens, Greece.


The Center for Hellenic Studies will soon communicate with you.

Thank you for your interest!