Regulation for the use of Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece (CHS Greece) Facilities

In the context of the proposed collaboration between myself or the organization which I represent and Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece (hereinafter the “Center”), which involves use of its facilities and/or collaboration with its staff, I declare that I have read attentively and I agree with this regulation for the orderly use of the Center’s facilities, which will be valid in its entirety throughout the duration of the current cooperation, unless the Center decides otherwise on individual terms of the regulation, in which case there will be a written notice to the activity’s organizers concerned.

  1. The access of a third-party activity/project/program (organizers, participants, visitors, etc.) to the Center is permitted on specific days and times and to specific areas that will be approved by the Center, based on what is stated in the collaboration form and based on the broader operation and scheduling of the Center, and they will be disclosed to the organizer(s) in writing (via email).
  2. The organizer and/or organizers of each activity hosted at or supported by the Center in any way, are required to include a reference for the Center’s contribution, in the exact way that the latter is described in the relevant decisions that are disclosed by the Center, in all electronic and/or printed announcements of the activity. The organizers are required to share drafts of these announcements with the Center at least two weeks prior to their publication and to follow the relevant guidelines of the Center, in regard to the reference of its contribution.
  3. The participants in the various activities are required to use only the granted areas and are not allowed to deposit items, prints and any other material elsewhere, without the Center’s approval. The Center’s personnel is not responsible for placing, moving or transferring items to the space desired by the organizers and such action is sole responsibility of the organizers who use the Center’s facilities.
  4. The Center may deny at its uncontrolled discretion the presence and/or storage of items that belong to the organizers, the participants, and their guests inside its facilities and it is not liable for their damage by any means or loss.
  5. Taking photos, filming and video recording of the Center’s areas and staff is prohibited without prior consent from the Center and/or the staff itself.
  6. Taking photos, filming and video recording of the Center’s other visitors is expressly prohibited.
  7. The organizers are also charged with the responsibility of the general housekeeping of the granted area and the proper use of the Center’s equipment and in general of its facilities, otherwise the organizers are liable for compensation for any damages caused. The organizers of each activity are also obliged to make use of the space in a way that does not undermine the security of the Center’s premises, the peace and health of the neighbours and in general the prominence and prestige of the Center and its services.
  8.  The organizers of the activity are not under a principal-agent relationship with the Center and are alone responsible, excluding expressly and absolutely any responsibility of the Center, for accidents caused during the granted use of its facilities, as well as during preparatory work for the implementation of the activity, to any of their employees, participants or third parties due to whichever cause.
  9. The organizers of each activity may use, in the context and under the necessity of the activity, eventual personnel at their discretion. The organizers will be in a principal-agent relationship with their personnel and will be alone responsible, excluding expressly and absolutely any responsibility of the Center, which in no way is in a principal-agent relationship with the organizer’s personnel, for the damages or accidents that may happen to the organizer’s personnel or to third parties at this personnel’s fault during the activity concerned, as well as during the preparatory work for its implementation up until the return of the space. It is also expressly agreed that the organizers alone are exclusively responsible for the payment of any remuneration and insurance contribution for the employment of this personnel.
  10.   In the case that the Center decides on contributing to the collaboration with its own personnel, the organizers are required to fully respect the working regulations and hours of the staff as well as all the relevant guidelines issued by the Center’s directorship.
  11. In the case that the Center decides on supporting in any way the collaboration (e.g. offering coffee breaks, meals, accommodation, etc.), the organizers are required to respect in full all the relevant guidelines issued by the Center’s directorship. It is absolutely and indistinctly -with or without charge- prohibited granting further the Center’s facilities to third parties, without prior written consent from the Center.
  12.   The Center may simultaneously and during the same period of time with the granted use concerned grant to any third-party other spaces of its facilities, which have not been granted to the organizers concerned.
  13. Following the completion of the activity, the organizers concerned are required to remove the items, the equipment, and any other material which had been transferred in and/or stored at the Center’s facilities, within the next day after the completion of the activity. In the case that the organizers do not remove their items at the designated time period, the Center bears no responsibility for their storage. In addition, the organizers must restore to its original state the space used by them and remove any rubbish by using the special bins.
  14. The consumption of any kind of food inside the Center’s facilities is permitted only in the designated space of the Center’s kitchen. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the Center.
  15. The Center may not be held responsible for (a) total or partial electricity blackout or interruption of any other service (e.g. internet connection) due to extraneous factors, (b) fire of natural disaster, (c) accident in the Center’s areas during the arrangement, (d) loss of items inside the Center’s areas. No complaint or demand against the Center will be accepted unless submitted in writing to its directorship within three (3) days after end date of the granting.
  16. The organizers and the participants of the activity are required to fully comply with the Center’s general operation regulations (library, reading rooms, kitchen etc) and with its working hours, as communicated by the Center’s directorship and personnel.
  17. The Center, apart from granting the use of its facilities, does not have any other obligation and bears no other responsibility in reference with the organisation concerned and the implementation of the activity/project/program, unless its directorship decides otherwise, in which case there will be a relevant written notice to the organizer or organizers of the activity.