Annual Scholars’ Symposium: Sports, Society, and Culture, Ancient Olympia, July 10-14, 2019


International Olympic Academy in cooperation with the Center for Hellenic Studies (Washington D.C.), Harvard University

& the support of the Center for Hellenic Studies (Greece), Harvard University






I have chosen voluntarily to participate in the Annual Scholars’ Symposium 2019, entitled “Sports, Society, and Culture: Language and Athletics: The Many Discourses of Sport” (hereinafter: “the Symposium”), organized by the International Olympic Academy (“IOA”) in cooperation with the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington D.C., Harvard University (“CHS Washington”), and the Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece, Harvard University (CHS Greece). This agreement confirms my understanding of the following:


I understand that the IOA and the CHS Washington and Greece have the right to photograph, video/audio-record, and interview me during the symposium, and to use, according to their judgement, whole or parts of the material; my performance, image, name, face, voice, and other characteristics of me (my overall presence during the symposium), for the evaluation, improvement, and/or promotion of the symposium.

I agree to transfer to the Symposium organizers all rights for using these photographs, recordings (video, audio, etc.) and I also consent that they have all rights to use my written answers to questions posed during the Symposium. I understand that my name, language, presence, voice, and image can be publicized through the organizers’ websites and social media and/or though websites of other collaborative institutions (online or though other media platforms) for further improvement and promotion of the Symposium.

I consent to the possibility of the organizers recording my performance and to use and re-use, according to their judgement, whole or parts of this recording for promoting its programs, and to authorize other parties to do the same. Furthermore, I recognize that they bear no responsibility for the re-publication in any possible way of the above-mentioned recordings or any part of it that may be illegally made by any third party, by downloading them from the internet. I also recognize that although the image or video material is intended for digital and/or printed use by the organizers, there is no guarantee by them and no claim on my side that there will be total or partial appearance of that material in electronic or printed means of the organizers.

I understand that the organizers can adjust, change, edit, add, delete, combine with other material, the recordings, reproduction, and distribution of the material, or else to use my performance in the Symposium with any means/tools/media known today or in the future.

I agree that they will be the exclusive owner of the intellectual property and all other rights of images, video and/or audio recordings, as well as every other media, in which I appear. I consent that I will not be entitled to any use or compensation, now or in the future, in connection with these rights.

The above rights are provided without any limitation and I understand that the Symposium organizers will act in accordance with this form. I declare that I have no claim or requirements from the organizers resulting from or in connection with the above.


I certify that I am age 18 or older. I have carefully read and freely accepted this Media Release Form. I understand and agree that no oral or written representations can or will alter the contents of this document.