Annual Scholars’ Symposium: Sports, Society, and Culture, Ancient Olympia, July 10-14, 2019


International Olympic Academy in cooperation with the Center for Hellenic Studies (Washington D.C.), Harvard University

& the support of the Center for Hellenic Studies (Greece), Harvard University







I have chosen voluntarily to participate in the Annual Scholars’ Symposium 2019, entitled “Sports, Society, and Culture: Language and Athletics: The Many Discourses of Sport” (hereinafter: “the Symposium”), organized by the International Olympic Academy (“IOA”) in cooperation with the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington D.C., Harvard University (“CHS Washington”), and the Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece, Harvard University (CHS Greece). This agreement confirms my understanding of the following:


  1. Risks of International and/or Domestic Travel. I understand that participation in the Symposium involves risks not found in study within the country/location of my residence. These include, but are not limited to, risks involved in traveling to, from and within international and domestic locations; different political, legal, medical, social, and economic conditions; different standards of design, safety, and maintenance of buildings, public places, and conveyances; and local weather conditions. The country/location to which I will travel may have health and safety standards substantially below those enjoyed in my country/location of residence, and I recognize that I may be subjected to potential risks, illnesses, injuries, and even death. I have made my own investigation of these risks, understand these risks, and assume them knowingly and willingly.
    I also acknowledge that in working, living, and traveling in the location of the Symposium, I may experience challenges associated with local living, such as lower standards of living, health standards that are not equivalent to life in my country/location of residence, etc. I further understand that my living arrangements may involve: long commuting distances between accommodations and classes; lack of privacy in accommodations; restrictions on heating and/or water usage; lack of air conditioning; lack of a smoke-free environment; lack of easy access or no access to word processing and/or electronic mail; and/or unfamiliar food.
    I recognize that my day-to-day choices and behaviors can have a major impact on my health and safety during my participation in the Symposium and promise to take every precaution to safeguard my health and to protect my personal belongings from damage or theft. I acknowledge that IOA recommends that I never travel or walk alone, particularly at night. Being alone, especially at night, may present additional danger to my safety and well-being.
    I understand that, although the IOA in cooperation with the CHS Washington and Greece have organized the Symposium, they cannot eliminate all risks or guarantee my safety. I have read and understood my country/location of residence relevant Information about the country/location to which I am traveling and have made the independent judgment to participate in the Symposium.
    I finally recognize that the IOA and the CHS Washington and Greece bear no responsibility for any damage (material damage, accident, etc.) that may happen to me for the duration of the Symposium in or out the IOA premises (including periods in transit to or from my destination) excluding any claim against the IOA and the CHS  Washington and Greece for the above mentioned causes.
  1. Independent Travel. I agree to use the transportation provided by the Symposium for the duration of the Symposium. I take full responsibility for travel both to and from the Symposium location with the transportation offered by the IOA, and for any independent travel before the start of the Symposium or following its close. I understand that IOA and CHS Washington and Greece may limit or restrict entirely independent travel during the Symposium, and agree that, if I wish to travel independently during the Symposium, I must submit an itinerary to the coordinators of the IOA for advance approval. I recognize, however, that approval by the IOA coordinators does not mean that the itinerary or destination(s) are safe and agree that I will assume all risks of any such independent travel, excluding any claim against the IOA for any damage that may happen to me.
  1. Expenses. I understand that I will be responsible for all costs of the Symposium beyond those covered by the IOA (transportation from Athens to Olympia and back to Athens, as well as boarding/disembarkation locations; accommodation in double bed rooms; breakfasts and lunches during the days of the Symposium), as well as any additional expenses that I may incur during the Symposium.
  1. Standards of Conduct. I recognize that I have an important personal obligation to conduct myself in a manner compatible with local laws and regulations. I will become informed of, and will abide by, all such laws, regulations, standards and policies, including without limitation those involving the use and sale of drugs and alcohol, and promise to act responsibly and with respect for persons and property. I will participate fully in all Symposium’s academic components, and will refrain from conduct that is improper, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate for the Symposium and/or for study in a cross-cultural academic environment generally, or that is potentially detrimental to my own or others’ health or safety. Examples of such conduct include, but are not limited to, disorderly behavior, sexual harassment or misconduct, the use of drugs, or excessive alcohol consumption. I understand that if at any time during the duration of the Symposium I fail to honor this agreement, then the IOA and the CHS Washington and Greece may, in their sole discretion, immediately dismiss or withdraw me from the Symposium, or place me on probation for the remainder of the Symposium.
  1. Risks of Particular Activities. I agree not to engage in activities deemed by the IOA or commonly understood to be dangerous to individual safety and/or Symposium integrity. These include, but are not limited to, motorcycling, hitchhiking, driving or renting a car, parachuting, bungee-jumping, hang-gliding, riding in private airplanes, rock climbing, white water rafting, scuba diving, and any other activity so designated by the Symposium. I understand that the IOA holds no responsibility related to my participation in relevant activities and if I am unsure whether a particular activity is prohibited, I understand that I must discuss the activity with the Symposium coordinators and obtain advance approval before taking any steps to engage in that activity. I recognize, however, that approval by the Symposium coordinators does not mean that the activity is safe, and agree that I will assume all risks of engaging in any such activity excluding any claim against the organizers of the Symposium for any damage that may happen to me.
  1. Health Insurance; Medical Care; Other Emergencies. During my participation in the Symposium, I will carry valid and current medical insurance and have a valid insurance identity card to bring. I have reviewed my coverage and have determined that this insurance is adequate to cover injuries or illnesses that I may sustain while traveling abroad or domestically. I will be solely responsible for payment in full of all costs of medical care I may receive.
    I authorize IOA to obtain appropriate health care for me in the event that I need it but I am unable to obtain it for myself. However, I accept that IOA has no responsibility for the appropriateness/effectiveness of the response actions. I also understand and agree that if I experience serious health problems, suffer an injury, or am otherwise in a situation that raises significant health and safety concerns, then IOA may contact my parents or any other person whose name I have provided as my “emergency contact.”
  1. Trip Arrangements. I understand and agree to travel from Athens, as well as other boarding/disembarkation locations to Olympia, and then back to Athens with the bus transportation organized by the IOA, and I understand that the IOA does not represent or act as an agent for, and cannot control the acts or omissions of, any transportation carrier, hotel, tour organizer, or other provider of food, goods, or services involved in the Symposium. I understand that IOA is not responsible for matters that are beyond its control, and that it cannot warrant the safety or convenience of the circumstances under which I will be living or working during the Symposium.
  1. Schedule. I understand that, in addition to being withdrawn from the Symposium under circumstances set forth elsewhere in this Agreement, I also may be withdrawn if I leave the Symposium at any time without prior authorization from the Symposium coordinators.
  1. Accommodation. IOA offers the accommodation to the participants of the Symposium free of charge. I understand that I will be staying in the double-bed apartments of the IOA premises in Olympia, and that I will be sharing the room with another participant of the Symposium. I also fully understand that I will respect my roommate, as well as the room, and the premises of the IOA in general. I will not undertake actions that deform them, and I will leave them in perfect condition upon the completion of the Symposium, being liable for compensation for any damage or deterioration that may be caused by my intent or negligence. Additionally, I agree to show a spirit of collaboration towards IOA staff and not to express ideas and interest that are contrary to the values, principles and ideals of the IOA.
  1. Meals. During the Symposium, IOA offers two meals (breakfast and lunch) to the participants of the Symposium free of charge. I understand that if I decide to have breakfast or lunch outside the IOA premises, the IOA has no obligation in relation to the cost of those meals. I also understand that IOA does not offer dinners or any other meals during the Symposium, except the aforementioned ones. I understand that I will be solely responsible for any additional expenses related to meals and/or other incidentals that I may incur during the Symposium.
  1. General Release. Knowing the risks described above, I agree, on behalf of my family, heirs and personal representative(s), to assume all the risks and responsibilities surrounding my participation in the Symposium. I also agree that in the event of any damage (material damage, accidents etc) or liability (civil, criminal, administrative), which may be caused to third parties by me, or as a result of any violation in relation to the authorities due to non adherence to its obligations set out in the Law, only me shall be obliged to restore such damage, as well as to pay the relevant compensation, monetary fines, penalties etc. without the IOA and the CHS Washington and Greece bearing any responsibility whatsoever.


I certify that I am age 18 or older. I have carefully read and freely signed this Condition of Participation and Assumption of Risk, and General Release Form. I understand and agree that no oral or written representations can or will alter the contents of this document.